July 17, 2021

120 Google Ads Scripts That Will Level Up Your PPC Campaigns

When it comes to PPC management tasks in Google Ads, some can be repetitive and dull. However, there is a better, more exciting way to automate specific tasks, such as reporting and bidding. By automating these tasks, you can potentially cut your optimization rate in half. Who wouldn’t appreciate that? This post will go over 120 of the most popular Google Ads Scripts on the market today. The following scripts will have you automating processes within Google Ads with ease and optimizing efficiently and quickly in no time!

What are Google Ads Scripts?

Just in case you are unsure of what Google Ads scripts are, they are bits of JavaScript coding that enables you to manage your campaigns better. They are utilized to automate the internal functions in your Google Ads account. They interact with external data, also.

Check them out:


1) Quality Score Tracker v3.0 by PPC Epiphany. This little gem lets you to design a dashboard displaying the account level quality score, automatically entering that score in a spreadsheet and graphing it to keep track of the history of your account level quality score.

2) Analyze Quality Scores in Bulk by PPC Hero. This Google Ads script enables you to interpret your Quality Score by analyzing its ad relevance, expected CTR, landing page experience, and individual component in order to reveal where improvements can be made. The following are examples of charts created by the script that tells whether the keywords are above average, average, or below average.

3) Store Account, Campaign, and Ad Group and Keyword Quality Scores by Russell Savage. This script is similar in function to that of the Quality Score Tracker Script by PPC Epiphany. It allows you to save the historical levels of the quality scores for your campaign, ad, and group levels. This script will enable you to map the history of the quality score for your keywords if your account is filled with single keyword ad groups.

4) Ad Performance Report by Google Ads Scripts Team. This Google Ads Script creates a summary for your headline’s CTR statistics. Your advertisements display a URL as well as the number of occurrences that each destination URL and headline are found inside your account. In order to recognize the most effective one, this code can be easily changed to extract this data and put them in the description lines 1 and 2.

5) Declining Ad Groups Report by Google Ads Scripts Team. Comparing the performance of the ad groups across various data ranges, this Google Ads Script will highlight the ad groups whose performance is declining. The script will then produce a Google Sheets report with the ad group’s performance.

6) Mobile Page Speed Insights by Google Ads Scripts Team. The importance of your website’s load speed, especially on a mobile device, is a significant factor with the quality score algorithm. While experimenting with the different elements within the landing pages, Daniel Gilbert discovered that the most significant impact came from increasing the landing page’s load speed.

7) Account Summary Report by Google Ads Scripts Team. This at-a-glance report displays the performance of a complete Google Ads account. It will also send a daily, HTML-formatted email with up to date account statistics. Account managers can utilize a related method to email reports that are formatted professionally directly to the clients. 

8) Search Query Performance Report by Google Ads Scripts Team. From your search query report, you can generate another report showing the new, possibly negative keywords. You can set this report up to identify search queries applying specific criteria. For instance, it will locate search queries intended for the report that have a CRT lower than 1% in order for you to add them as negative keywords.

9) N-Gram Search Query Mining Script by Brainlabs. This is another little gem that packs a powerful punch. This Google Ads Script enables you to begin a highly detailed analysis concerning the search term reports, revealing the performance levels of specific articles within your SQR. For instance, you can run a report that will give you the total performance of all the search queries that contain the word “the.”

10) Kratu Report by Google Ads Scripts Team. If you want to see the performance of your client’s Google Ads accounts, this is the report for you. Perfect for agency use, you can run this report based on various factors, such as costs, conversion rates, CTR, etc. With a neat heat map feature, this report makes the information easy to visualize.

11) Heat Maps by Device by Brainlabs Another heat map report. This one shows you any changes in the performance of your Google Ads hour by hour on individual devices such as a tablet, desktop, or mobile.

12) Auction Insights Over Time by Brainlabs. Utilizing the auction insights function within Google Ads, this script enables you to keep track of your top five competitors over a period of time, similar to the one below:

13) Account Dashboard by Label by Optmyzr. If you like to use labels for reporting, you’ll appreciate this script. This report can be used in various ways. To see if you have improved, you can view year on year performance, or, if you want to see the metrics for revenue per impressions, you can create new graphs, things you usually can’t see in Google Ads.

14) Keyword and Query Performance by Match Type and Length by Optmyzr. Optmyzr created this paid script, which allows you to see your adverts’ performance based on the match type. Extremely useful for distinguishing broad match problems. In order to see if the broad match is adequate for your account, you can analyze the performance of keywords based on their length.

15) Enhanced Ad Template Report by Optmyzr. Another useful paid script by Optmyzr, this script enables you to build ads with higher-performing description lines, display URLs, and headlines by analyzing the performance of each element of your ad copy.

16) Lin-Rodnitzky Ratio Script by Optmyzr. With this script, you can calculate your Lin-Rodnizky ratio for your account. This will give you an idea of how well your search queries and keywords are working.

17) Campaign and Keyword Performance Reporting by Russell Savage. With this script, you can create five different reports: Daily Keyword Performance for the Past 7 Days, Keyword Performance Summary for the Past 7 Days, Campaign Performance for Last Month, Campaign Performance Month to Date, Campaign Performance Summary for the Past 7 Days.

18) Account Audit Checklist by Russell Savage. This script will search your Google Ads account and perform various checks to make sure the basics are all in place, and then it puts together a report for you.

19) Empty Ad Groups Checker by Brainlabs. If you want to scan your Google Ads campaigns for any ad groups that do not contain adverts or keywords, this is the script for you. It will also analyze the number of keywords and adverts, as well as identifying broad match keywords that do not have negative keywords, keeping them in check.

20) Track Your Spend Every Hour of the Day by Brainlabs. In order to keep track of all the PPC fluctuations, this Google Ads script will notify you via email every hour with the current account spend, allowing you to spot and fix any sudden changes quickly.

21) How Fast Your Google Ads Data Updates by Brainlabs. When you use automated tools that analyze recent data, you need to know how current that data is. This script helps you calculate the time it takes for your data to update in the Google interface, despite the three hours suggested.

22) Vallaeys Shopping Efficiently Score Script by Optmyzr. By checking the efficiency of the structure of your accounts, and how the bids are managed, this script will recommend improvements to your shopping campaigns.

23) Date Range Comparison Script by Optmyzr. This Google Ads script will download a report that includes keyword data, ad text data, ad group data, campaign data, and account data for the two date parameters you set. The result is a combined, single Google spreadsheet showing the percentage changes for each item.

24) Report Hourly Stats by Optmyzr.  With this Google Ads script, you can record and send your stats for keywords, ad groups, and campaigns to a spreadsheet one time an hour. This information will help you keep track of the way things are running, making sure that the spend picks up throughout the day.

25) Export Google Ads Data into BigQuery by Google Ads Scripts Team. You can load your Google Ads reports into BigQuery in order to produce important Big Data analytics with this script. BigQuery is Google’s low cost, NoOps, fully managed analytics database.

26) MCC Performance Dashboard by Optmyzr. With this Google Ads script, you can create a dashboard for all your clients inside your MMC account. By comparing the performance of the account for a specific period of time to the previous time period, you will be able to see changes in the account’s performance.

27) Track Expanded Text Ads Performance by Karooya. You can effortlessly follow the performance of expanded text ads compared to that of standard ads with this script. It will transfer data into a spreadsheet comparing key metrics, as well as graphing expanded versus standard text ad performance.

28) Track Script Runs in Google Analytics by Russell Savage. Using Google Analytics, you can track how many times your Google Ads scripts run in a day.

29) Store Keyword Performance Report In Amazon S3 by Russell Savage. If you are managing various accounts, this Google Ads script will enable you to create and store reports from several accounts all in the same place.

30) Store Account Performance Report in a Google Doc by Russell Savage. If you ever wanted to store your account analytics report within a Google Sheets document, this Google Ads script is perfect for you. This script will create the column headers within the spreadsheet, and every time you run this script, it will enter your performance into the report.


31) A Script That Makes Exact Match Exact by Brainlabs. This Google Ads script will allow you to reverse the Google update that included misspellings, close variants, and exact matches. It will scan for the search queries produced by your exact match keywords and will add the ones that do not match the keywords exactly the same as negative keywords. This ensures the correct matches are exactly the same.

32) Script That Allows You to A/B Test Anything by Brainlabs. You can test the settings on the Google Ads campaigns that Google experiments will not allow by creating two identical campaigns, naming one “control” and the other “test.” The script will then alternate between the two campaigns every hour. You can then look in the dimensions tab to see the results of the test.

33) Bring Back Exact Match Keywords for Google Shopping Campaigns by Brainlabs. Advertisers can specify the keywords for their Google Shopping ads that appear using a spreadsheet with this Google Ads script. The script will then analyze your search query data for your Google Shopping campaigns, and if the keyword does not show up on the spreadsheet, it will add it as a negative keyword.

34) Broad-match Keyword Aggregator Script by Brainlabs. Advertisers can automatically pause any duplicate broad match keywords with this Google Ads script. For example, if your broad match keywords are “pink Skechers shoes,” “Skechers pink shoes,” and “Skechers shoes pink,” the script would pause two of them so that only one will run.

35) Scan Landing Pages by Brainlabs. With this Google Ads script, you can scan landing pages for various errors, such as “out of stock products,” “search pages with no results,” “404s,” and old pages that are archived. You will then receive an email with a report of all the URLs with errors.

36) Identify Common Google Ads Mistakes by Brainlabs. This Google Ads script will analyze your work by scanning your accounts for common mistakes, such as typos, common English spelling errors, and excessive use of broad match keywords.

37)Ad Rotation Analysis Script by Brainlabs. Sometimes when split tests have finished, they don’t track correctly. By suspending the losing ad copy and choosing the winner instead, this Google Ads script calculates the potential amount of traffic and conversions you could receive.

38) Apply Shared Negative Keyword Lists Across Campaigns by Brainlabs.

For people with extensive PPC accounts that have 500 or more campaigns, it can be complicated to see whether all of your shared negative keyword lists have been connected to all of your campaigns, limiting what your Google Ads interface shows. With this script, you can bypass the interface and use shared negative keywords lists wherever automatically.

39) Copy Extensions to All of Your Campaigns by Brainlabs. This Google Ads script makes life easier by automatically applying the correct extensions to all of your campaigns when managing substantial accounts.

40) Generate Expanded Text Ads From Landing Page Meta Data by Optmyzr. You can update your previously formatted ads to the new version of expanded text ads with this Google Ads script. From your website, it will pull the organic page description and use it to create a longer 80-character description.

41) Pause Keywords With Low Quality Scores by Optmyzr. You can use this Google Ads script to generate a list of keywords that have quality scores within a specific parameter. You can either pause them or improve their quality scores by creating a new strategy. This script will then analyze your account and halt all of the keywords with low-quality scores.

42) Create Ads from a Spreadsheet by Optmyzr. Automatically create labels, keywords, ad texts, and ad groups on your data spreadsheet and template with this Google Ads script. You can also design ads based on your product inventory, or you can employ this script as an alternative to generating ads in the Google Ads editor interface.

43) Delete Underperforming Ads by Optmyzr. Before you have the need to do new ad variation testing, this Google Ads script will help you narrow down your ad groups to your two most reliable performing adverts. This script will also analyze new accounts and pause underperforming ads.

44) Account Auditor by Google Ads Scripts Team. This Google Ads script is perfect for helping you verify the structure of your keywords, ads, ad groups, and campaigns. It allows you to define the intended structure with flexible “rules” in your spreadsheet. The script also runs an analysis of your account and reports the entities that have failed to meet the rules you set, placing them on a separate tab for your spreadsheet.

45) Ad Customizer Script by Google Ads Scripts Team. Using a data source such as Google Sheets, you can change your ad’s text with this Google Ads script. For example, this script would display the number and price of the products you have in stock within your advert.

46) Automatic Placement Exclusion by Google Ads Scripts Team. At times there could be a video that has a target audience that is entirely different from that of your ad; however, you may not realize this until your stats start accruing. Once you realize that a specific placement is not performing the way you had hoped, you can remove it from your target. 

47) Bulk Shopping Ad Group Creator by Google Ads Scripts Team. You can create product and ad groups in bulk in your existing Shopping Campaigns with this Google Ads script. It will read the settings for ad groups (such as the default status and bid) and the hierarchies of product groups with the bids from a spreadsheet and then create them in Google Ads.

48) Keyword Labeler Script by Google Ads Scripts Team. This script allows you to assign labels to keywords that match specific criteria automatically. After the labels have been applied, filtering the keywords in Google Ads user interface is straightforward, plus with another script, you can change the keywords as you wish.

49) Master Negative Keyword List Script by Google Ads Scripts Team. Using a spreadsheet, you are able to simplify the management of negative keyword lists with this Google Ads script, ensuring that the negative keywords lists have been synced if you are managing with large scale accounts.

50) Sales Countdown by Google Ads Scripts Team. This script can calculate the remaining hours and days until your target date. It will then find the specific ad group that is set up for the promotion and update its ad parameters with all the keywords for this ad group in the results of the script’s calculations.

51) Sales Countdown Calendar by Google Ads Scripts Team. This script is similar to the Sales Countdown Timer listed above. However, the Sales Countdown Calendar will extend the countdown timer idea to various events by placing a calendar into the script

52) Inventory Ad Management Script by Google Ads Scripts Team. If you need to “pause” and “enable” your ads as you monitor your stock levels as things go in and out of stock, this script is perfect. It will not only save you time, but it will save you money by not displaying adverts for out-of-stock items.

53) Check for Negative Keyword Conflicts by Google Ads Scripts Team. This script will check whether or not the negative keywords in your account are blocking any normal keywords, saving the conflict results to a spreadsheet, then sends out an email to alert you. You can then delete the negative keywords that have caused the conflict.

54) ETA Transition Helper Script by Google Ads Scripts Team. Advertisers can transition more smoothly between Google’s new extended text ad format and the standard text ad format. It will then copy your standard text ads over to a spreadsheet, which allows you to write new expanded text ads based on them.

55) Large Manager Hierarchy Template by Google Ads Scripts Team.  This script processes a different subgroup of accounts every time it executes, storing intermediate results to one of Google Drive’s temporary files, allowing subsequent executions to recognize which accounts remain to be processed. Eventually, through several executions, the script will cycle through all client accounts, processing them all. Upon completion, it will reset and start a new cycle of processing.

56) Spell Check Your Ads by Russell Savage.  This Google Ads script does exactly what the title says. It puts an end to all your spelling errors within your adverts using Microsoft’s API, using Microsoft Word’s spell check function to correct any spelling errors that may be hiding in your Adverts.

57) See CPC Ranges for Each Keyword by Frederick Vallaeys. This Google Ads script creates a spreadsheet of the base bids with the actual minimum values and maximum values based on the different bid modifiers.

58) Pull Keyword Information from Landing Pages by Russell Savage. This Google Ads script uses the analyzer from IBM Watson’s website to generate keyword data from the landing pages. This script is similar to the Google Keyword planner, but instead, this script gives you more specific keywords for your landing pages.

59) Leverage IBM Watson for Google Ads by Russell Savage.  When it’s time to analyze our Google Ads data, many of us will download a large CSV file into Excel and run multiple building charts and calculations. Then we start trying to predict any necessary changes while studying the analytical data. This script uses the Google Prediction API and Google Ads scripts to predict the future for you.

60) Find Keyword Opportunities from Amazon Autocomplete by Derek Martin. By pulling data from Amazon’s auto-suggest, this script will generate different keyword opportunities, which can then be exported. From this list, you can add them to your Google Ads campaigns as new keywords.

61) Ad Copy Test alert by Sean Dolan. This Google Ads script will compare the data from two of your adverts groups to identify whether there is a statistically relevant change in the CTR between them. In order to get an adequate sample size, this script will make sure that the ads have a minimum of 1000 impressions.

62) Copy Existing Ads With A New Destination URL by Derek Martin.  You can speed up the process of split testing by copying ads with new destination URLs with this Google Ads script, allowing you to switch over your split tests more efficiently.

63) Perform Search Query Analysis In A Google Doc by Derek Martin. With this Google Ads script, Google Sheets will analyze your search query reports, and without needing to download the SWR into Excel, you can make changes and then upload them via the Google Ads Editor interface.

64) Find Underperforming Placements & Opportunities On Google’s Display Network by Derek Martin.  This Google Ads script will notify you of the performance of your positions on the Google display network so that you can exclude them if you wish.

65) Make Sure the Date/Time Zone is Correct by Rankhammer. If the time zone of the data center is different from the one on your account, this Google Ads script can help you. It ensures your scripts are running according to the time zone your account is on instead of the time zone in the data center that your script is running off of.

66) Find Keyword Suggestions Using Google’s Autocomplete by Derek Martin. Based on the data from Google AutoComplete, you can create keyword suggestions. You can then add the appropriate ones to your Google Ads account after downloading the suggestions.

67) Identify Duplicate Keywords (Includes Close Variants) by Karooya. Using a process called stemming, you can identify any duplicate keywords in all match types, including close variants. This helps you reorganize and clean up your account after Google took away the similar match variants in 2014.

68) Pull Salesforce Data into Your Campaign by Russell Savage. This Google Ads script merges with the Salesforce API to question objects and data from your Salesforce example and applies it to your Google Ads campaigns.

69) Connect Zoho CRM with Google Ads by Russell Savage. Similar to the one above, but this Google Ads script enables you to extract potentials, contacts, leads, and any other object data into your Google Ads campaigns from Zoho.

70) Save a File or Spreadsheet in a Specific Folder of Google Drive by Russell Savage. From Google Ads, you can save specific information into an assigned folder in Google Drive with this script. You can use this in addition to other integrated scripts for Google Ads utilizing the Google Sheets API.

71) Automated Creative Testing With Statistical Significance by Russell Savage. This is an excellent Google Ads script. It enables you to create and monitor ad tests for scaled statistical significance. It will then label your ads upon the completion of the test and email you with the results of the test so that you can make the appropriate changes.

72) Disable Ads/Keywords For Out of Stock Products by Russell Savage. This Google Ads script will scan your landing pages for the phrase “out of stock” or similar phrases. If it finds that phrase, it will then pause the ads and have a URL point to that page.

73) Use Google Drive To Load a Single Google Ads Script Into Multiple Accounts by Russell Savage. When you use several of the same Google Ads scripts in your accounts, getting each script setup can be time-consuming. This Google Ads script will allow you to automate this process using Google Drive, as well as copying scripts into several accounts automatically.

74) Find Out When Your Ad, AdGroup, Keyword, or Campaign Was Created By Russell Savage. Another great Google Ads script, this one shows when you have created new keywords, ad groups, or campaigns, making it easier to diagnose what has caused a change in your account.

75) Put Google Ads Data into Amazon S3 Using Scripts by Russell Savage.  Things can get a bit unwieldy when you start pulling large amounts of data into your Google Sheets. But with this Google Ads script, you can pull the data into Amazon s3 and manipulate the data in Excel or a database instead.

76) Apply Current Crime Stats in Your Creatives by Russell Savage. This interesting Google Ads script will interact with the API of multiple crime reporting data sets to enable you to display inside your adverts, crime statistics for specific areas.

77) Pause or Enable Campaigns, Keywords, or Ads on a Specific Date by Russell Savage. This script enables you to enable or pause sets of ads or keywords on a particular date, which is useful for when you are running a sale, and your promotion will end on a specific date.

78) Automate Ads Based on A Baseball Team’s Schedule by Russell Savage. You can automate the pause and enable function on your ads based on whether your group is away or at home. If you are having a sale, this script can also be adapted to make those changes based on your schedule.

79) Merge Multiple Campaigns Together by Russell Savage. This script was created to help you merge campaigns when Google Ads introduced the enhanced campaigns. But this script is still useful today for when you want to merge two campaigns in your account together.

80) Manage Ads Around Airport Delays by Russell Savage. When there are airport delays, this script will let you pause and enable Google Ads’ ads, which is useful for businesses near an airport that could benefit from airport delays, such as hotels, bars, or restaurants.

81) Fix Capitalization Errors in Ads by Russell Savage. This script does exactly what the title suggests. It will allow you to fix any capitalization errors that occur on a lot of accounts, saving your time, so you don’t have to fix them yourself.

82) Auto Add ValueTrack Params To All URLs by Russell Savage. This script will ensure that all of your keywords have been tagged with the proper ValueTrack parameters. You can double-check that your tracking parameters have been added correctly to your URLs.

83) Reduce Bids on High Cost per Conversion Keywords By Russell Savage. This is the first installment in automating Google Ads tasks by using scripts, following the monthly optimization routes that have been set out in the AdWords for Dummies book.

84) Increase Bids Cheap Conversion Keywords by Russell Savage. This is the second installment in automating the maintenance tasks with the Google Ads scripts, which increases bids on cheap conversion keywords.

85) Update Ads for the New Year by Russell Savage. This Google Ads script will automatically update the year that is displayed in your adverts at the beginning of the year so that you don’t have last year’s dates in your ads.

86) Update Keywords for the Holidays by Russell Savage. This script is similar to the one above, except rather than updating the ad copy, it updates the keywords to the new year automatically.

87) Automatically Pause Ads with Low CTR by Russell Savage.  Usually, advertisers will create two ads per ad group in order to split test them but forget to remove the advert that is performing lowest. This script will help you find the ads that are performing the worst in all of your ad groups and pause them, as long as there is at least one other ad in that ad group.

88) Delete Ads that are Disapproved by Russell Savage. This Google Ads script focuses on account maintenance. Sometimes large accounts will build-up hundreds, sometimes thousands, of ad groups with ads that have been unapproved. This script helps you to remove those so that you can begin to build and use new creative ones.

89) Pause AdGroups With No Active Keywords By Russell Savage. This script helps you to identify the ad groups that do not contain active keywords, then pause them in order to maintain your account more efficiently.

90) Update Ad Params by Ad Groups from a Google Spreadsheet by Russell Savage. This script lets you set the ad parameters at the ad group level. All you have to do is load it with the name of the ad group, parameter 1 value, and parameter 2 value in columns A, B, and C, with column headers.


91) 24 Hour Bidding Script by Daniel Gilbert. While Google only allows for six bidding windows a day, you can change the bids in your account twenty-four times a day with this Google Ads script. This script provides a way to get around the Google rule by setting a new set based on designated bid modifiers within Google Sheets every hour.

92) Real-Time Position Bidding script by Daniel Gilbert. With this Google Ads script, you can decrease or increase your bids automatically toward a specific position. By using the current daily data, this script is more dynamic than Google’s bid to position script.

93) Pause Things When They Spend too Much by Frederick Vallaeys. For daily, weekly, or monthly periods, this Google Ads script will let you set budgets for ad copies, ad groups, and campaigns. You will get an email notifying you when changes have been made or when one of your accounts surpasses a total cost within a period.

94) Calculate and Set Mobile Bid Modifiers Automatically by Frederick Vallaeys and Russell Savage. You can set and calculate mobile bid modifiers automatically with this script. You can choose either RPC (revenue per click) or ROAS (return on ads spend).

95) Bid Testing Script by Google Google Ads Scripts Team. With this script, you can work on the level of bidding that helps you achieve your goals the best. You can begin systematically adjusting the bids to find that sweet spot for the keyword bids.

96) Multi Bidder Script for Single Accounts by Google Ads Scripts Team. This script functions similar to that of the automated rules for a spreadsheet, with each row in a spreadsheet equivalent to an automated rule. This script will make managing 100 rules in Google Ads easier.

97) TV Schedule Bid Coordination Script By Google Ads Scripts Team. This script will create a spreadsheet that includes the dates and times of your TV advertisements and the bid adjustments that you want to utilize. Changing the bid modifiers by running hourly, this can be updated at any time.

98) Weather Based Bidding Script by Google Ads Scripts Team. The weather profoundly affects a lot of industries, for example, when the weather is cold, people start searching for boilers. This script will pull data from a weather API and either increase the bids or decrease them according to the weather conditions.

99) Flexible Budget Tool for Single Accounts by Google Ads Scripts Team. You can set up a budget with various marketing initiatives. An example would be if you wanted to spend a certain amount of money on your spring sale, this script will automatically change your campaign budget every day with a custom budget allocation scheme. You could tell Google Ads to spend the majority of your budget during the last five days when conversion rates are the highest.

100) Pause Account When Monthly Budget Reached by Sean Dolan. When you have reached your monthly budget for your account, this script will let you pause the adverts. For this to work, you will need to set the cutoff variable to the maximum amount you plan to spend for the month in Google Ads

101) Monthly budget prediction by Sean Dolan. With this Google Ads script, you will be able to email your client or yourself the projected PPC spending for the month with the PPC Hero monthly projection tool.

102) Update Bids Using a Google Spreadsheet by Russell Savage. This Google Ads script integrates with Google Sheet’s API so that, from a spreadsheet, you can change the bids when managing large-scale accounts.

103) Unique Bidding Rules By Campaign by Russell Savage. This Google Ads script is designed to assist you in managing bidding rules across a set of accounts. You can automatically correct the bids for any campaign based on the set of rules you set up.

104) Update Ad Params Using a Google Spreadsheet by Russell Savage. Based on the values inside a Google spreadsheet, you can change the parameters within your advertisement with this tool. This script has many potential applications, such as displaying a product’s price and displaying the number of places that are left on course in your adverts.

Alerts and Stop Buttons

105) Emergency Stop Button For MCC Accounts by Frederick Valleys.  When there is a problem with your website, you can put your account on pause with this Google Ads script. This is good to keep in your arsenal just in case a site issue occurs, especially when CPCs are skyrocketing during the holidays.

106) Advanced Anomaly Detection Script by Frederick Vallaeys. As an adaptation of the Google Anomaly Detector, this script has been adapted for MCC accounts, which make it perfect for advertisers or agencies that are managing adverts for several different accounts.

107) Landing Page Watchdog (Check for Broken Links) by Frederick Vallaeys. This script will create a report of all the landing pages that have 404 errors or are unable to load. Then it will create a spreadsheet listing all the URLs for the broken landing pages used by keywords or ads in your account, which enables you to pause or delete any of these items optionally.

108) Granular Account Analogy Detector by Frederick Vallaeys. Unlike other Google Ads anomaly detector scripts, this script will allow very granular identification of the areas in your accounts that are producing anomalies.

109) Be Alerted of Disapproved Ad by Text Message by Derek Martin. This script will send you an alert via text message when any of your adverts are unapproved, allowing you to either fix them in your Google Ads account promptly or reach out to Google to have them approved.

110) Campaign Over CPA Target Alert by Sean Dolan. This script will alert you whenever your campaigns have exceeded your CPA limit, which is useful for those that have strict CPA goals that you need to adhere to.

111) Changes in CTR Alert by Sean Dolan. Using the Google Sheets API, this script will allow you to track your CTR changes. This is great for diagnostics because you can compare this data to your analytical data so that you can see whether a difference in user behavior might have been the trigger.

112) Make Calls And Send Text Messages To Your Phone From Google Ads Scripts by Russell Savage. When you are unable to access your emails, this script will call you and send text messages to you with alerts.

113) Finding Anomalies In Keywords, Adgroups, and Ads by Russell Savage. You can detect any keywords or adverts that aren’t performing as well as other adverts in the same ad group. It will also identify ad groups that aren’t achieving the same as others in that campaign.

114) Account Anomaly Detector for Single Accounts by Google Ads Scripts Team. This Google Ads script alerts the advertiser when an account has suddenly started behaving differently than what was previously observed. The script will email the user an alert when any issues are encountered.

115) Line Checker for Single Accounts by Google Ads Scripts Team. This script iterates through all of your site links, keywords, and ads, making sure that the URLs don’t produce error responses such as “Page not found.” It will then send you an email when the error responses are identified, then save the analysis results to a spreadsheet.

Link Checker for a MCC by Google Ads Scripts Team. This Link Checker script for Google Ads manager accounts increases the single account Link Checker script to run for various accounts under a manager account.

116) Pause Keywords With No Impressions All Time by Russel Savage. This Google Ads script will locate all of the keywords in the account that have never had an impression. It will then pause the keyword or delete it so that it doesn’t impact your quality score negatively.

117) Bid By Campaign Locations – by Kevin Adams Being able to bid by geography is a powerful tool to have. It doesn’t matter if you are a local advertiser looking for the best cities for your campaigns, or if you are a national advertiser wanting to get the best performance from each state. You can bid by keyword, device, geography, day of the week, or time of the day.

118) Limit Overdelivery to Any Amount You Want by Frederick Vallaeys. In order to control your budgets as needed, you may want to utilize tools such as Google Ads scripts and automation. This is a fundamental script that will let you enforce a stricter over-delivery campaign. It will assume your baseline is your daily budget.

119) Automate In-market Audiences Bidding – by Daniel Gilbert. Quite simply, this script will implement any bid adjustments needed for your in-market audience for you, allowing you to monitor campaigns and adjust the bidding accordingly.

120) Low Quality Score Alert – by Daniel Gilbert. This script will find any low-quality score keywords that may be wasting your money and helps you see where they are for you to fix quickly and easily.


Whew! That was a lot, but now you have a comprehensive guide of the most useful Google Ads Scripts online. You can start enjoying the rewards of custom automation by easily copying and pasting these Google Ads scripts into your account. Let us know if you have any questions about any of the scripts in this guide.

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