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    Benefits of WordPress SEO

    Benefit from WordPress SEO’s power and optimize your website for higher search engine rankings, increase in traffic and better ROI.

    Optimizing Website

    Our white-hat WordPress SEO tactics will optimize your website for visitors and search engines alike.

    Higher Search Rankings

    Improve the quality and quantity of traffic with targeted ranking strategies to get your WordPress website in front of searchers.

    Increased Traffic

    We not only work to increase the traffic to your WordPress website, but we also ensure it’s the right traffic.

    Increased ROI

    Our optimization techniques will improve leads, increase revenue, and improve conversion rates.

    Expert WordPress SEO Services

    With our WordPress SEO services, you can reach your target audience faster and more accurately!

    WordPress SEO Consulting

    Consider us your resource for all of your WordPress SEO questions and needs. We’re available on an on-going or AdHoc basis.

    WordPress SEO Audit

    Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the SEO waters, or you want a second set of eyes on previously done WordPress SEO work, our SEO audits will set you on the right path.

    Project-Based SEO Work

    Got a specific project in mind? Get a quote for your unique situation. Visit our WordPress SEO Process section for our most commonly-requested deliverables.

    On-Going WordPress SEO

    Our on-going WordPress SEO services will keep your WordPress website in tip-top shape to attract new customers and retain current ones.

    What Our SEO Clients Have to Say

    • “I have come to recognize Joel as delivering the best marketing ROI I have ever received for Landmark Wildlife. Thanks to him we have more than doubled our revenue year over year for the past 2 years and are very grateful for all of his hard work.”

      Keith Olenick Owner at Landmark Wildlife in Austin, TX

      - Keith Olenick, Owner at Landmark Wildlife Management

    • “We were looking for a consultant whose approach was flexible in meeting our needs. Joel has delivered on all our requests and has been a fantastic partner for our SEO and brand building efforts.”

      Catherine Simoneaux Director of Marketing at Goldtouch, Inc. in Austin, TX

      - Catherine Simoneaux, Director of Marketing and Sales Operations at Goldtouch, Inc

    • “Joel’s advice has been invaluable. He’s always been quick to help whenever I have a question, whether it be about Google Analytics or ensuring our content is SEO friendly. He has been the driving force behind all the success of our SEO efforts since we started working with him two years ago.”

      Chris O'Connell, Research and Content Manager at Texas Monthly in Austin, TX

      - Chris O’Connell, Research and Content Manager at Texas Monthly

    Why Choose the Kaanen Group?


    Unlike most WordPress SEO agencies, our transparent pricing and strategies ensure you’re never in the dark and that you always feel comfortable with your investment. There are no hidden fees, and the pricing will be agreed upon before the project even begins.


    Whether you need to take a break or speed-up the timeline, our flexible strategies work with your business, not the other way around. With no contracts and no minimum budgets, we pride ourselves in working with a wide variety of businesses.

    Growth Focused

    Our end goal will always be the growth of your business. Whether you’re interested in increasing sales or email signups, our targeted strategies will complement your business efforts flawlessly.


    With continual updates in our WordPress SEO methods, you can rest assured that we’re only using the latest methods to provide the ultimate value to your business. Continuous optimizations and A/B testing will partner to improve ROI.

    Our WordPress SEO Process

    WordPress SEO Strategy

    A successful SEO partnership starts with a strong strategy. We will use this time to understand your business and channel goals and learn how we can best work together. No matter what your understanding of WordPress SEO is, this is the perfect time to get your questions answered.

    Keyword Research & Analysis

    The foundation of any SEO partnership, keyword research will inform most of our SEO decisions. Not only do we want to target keywords with appropriate search volume, but we also want to target highly-relevant queries.

    Competitive Analysis

    We can’t successfully compete in space unless we fully understand what the competition is doing. Not only will we decipher their target keywords, but we will also look at their successes in technical and on-page SEO.

    Local SEO & Google Maps Optimization

    Whether you have a local storefront or not, there are ways we can position your business in the local markets. We will decide if this is a worthwhile strategy for your business and work on optimizing your Google Maps and Google My Business Profiles.

    On-Page WordPress SEO

    With content being one of Google’s three main ranking factors, it’s more essential than ever to pay attention to on-page WordPress SEO. We will tackle content, headings, and metadata to wholly capture the message you want to share with visitors.

    Technical WordPress SEO

    Technical SEO ensures search engines will have no issues crawling and indexing your WordPress site. URL duplication, JavaScript rendering, and redirects are just a few of the elements we explore.

    Yoast Optimization

    Yoast is the most popular WordPress SEO plugin for a reason, but it doesn’t replace an SEO consultant. Instead, we optimize your Yoast plugin to complement our efforts and reduce any duplication.

    WordPress Speed Optimization

    With over 60% of organic searches taking place on mobile devices, page speed is more important than ever. To reduce bounce rate our experts will analyze your WordPress site’s page speed and provide recommendations for improvements.

    Image & Video Optimization

    Did you know search engines don’t understand what’s in your image and video content unless you tell them? We’ll use alt tags and video transcripts to make sure you’re getting the most SEO value out of your content.

    Content Creation

    Not only do you want to create high-quality content, but you also want to create it frequently. If you can’t take that on yourself, lean on us for regular content creation to bulk up your WordPress site and provide value for your visitors.

    Link Building

    Backlinks are one of the core three parts of Google’s algorithm, so they’re not something to be ignored. To boost your rankings in the SERPs, we’ll cultivate a backlink creation strategy and manage it start to finish.

    URL & Permalink Optimization

    Your URLs should not only be user-friendly, but also search engine friendly. We will double-check that all your URLs appropriately describe the page, as well as ensure there are no duplication issues.

    Google Search Console

    Google’s native reporting tool will not only keep us abreast of performance metrics but will also help us identify crawl and structured data issues. Regularly examining the data in this tool will keep our SEO efforts on track.

    Schema & Structured Data Markup

    Boost click-through-rates with rich snippets! This valuable real estate doesn’t cost anything, it just requires smart Schema and structured data implementation. We will analyze the best types to add to your WordPress site.

    Landing Pages

    Rank for both head terms and longtail keywords with highly-targeted landing pages. No matter if you’re attracting visitors at the top or bottom of your sales funnel, our landing pages will improve your CRO.

    Conversion Rate Optimization

    Although we’ll work to improve the quality of traffic to your WordPress site, to complement these efforts we’ll focus on conversion rate optimization. You’ll be surprised what a difference a few detailed changes will make!

    Google Analytics

    Fully understand the inner workings of your WordPress website with the implementation of Google Analytics. Even if you have a basic account setup, our expertise will help you understand a deeper level of insights.


    With regular reporting, you’ll never be in the dark regarding our SEO progress or your return on investment. In-depth monthly reports will cover traffic, transactions, and revenue as well as keyword movements.

    WordPress SEO FAQs

    What does WordPress SEO cost?

    Pricing for WordPress SEO services can vary greatly depending on whether you work with an SEO agency or consultant and the scope of work. If you’re looking for a certain set of deliverables they may charge a one-time fee, while it might make more sense to have a monthly retainer.

    How long does it take to see results?

    SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. While some actions will be quick wins, others will take months to see peak results. Your WordPress SEO expert will give you estimated timelines for the results of each deliverable.

    Can SEO increase my sales or leads?

    Absolutely! In fact, that’s our primary goal of our WordPress SEO services. We want to improve the quality and quantity of traffic your WordPress site receives to improve your conversion rates.

    Looking for WordPress SEO Services?

    Get in touch with WordPress SEO Expert Joel Casarez.