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    Everything from Google Ads Audits, Setup and Training

    Google Ads Audits

    Do you have existing campaigns that aren’t performing the way you hoped? That’s where our Google Ads audits come in. We will analyze your current keywords and ensure they’re optimized by researching new keywords and adding negative keywords. Next comes our analysis of your account structure and the development and creation of new search and display campaigns. We then review and setup an updated bidding strategy, location targeting and focus on both desktop and mobile performance. To finish your audit off, we will setup the appropriate conversion tracking.

    Google Ads Campaign Setup

    Our Google Ads campaign setup is the perfect fit for your business if you don’t have existing Google Ads campaigns. We start the campaign setup off by researching and selecting keywords, connecting Google Analytics to Google Ads and then developing both search and display campaigns – including writing the ad copy. We will keep your business on track with our setup of daily and monthly budget monitoring, traffic reports, location targeting and ad scheduling. Our final step to finish establishing the campaign is setting up conversion tracking for contact forms filled out, phone calls made or even emails sent.

    Google Ads Training

    Our training is a great option if you’re looking to DIY your Google Ads or want to make sure you’re up-to-date on the latest best practices. We will cover Google Ads campaign setup in detail either in-person, or via screen sharing. This service is available on a national level to both individuals, and teams both small and large. Our Google Ads training is flexible and is available on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

    We cover all types of Google Ads

    Search Network

    These are the Google Ads you’re probably most familiar with. These text ads appear on the top of Google search results when somebody searches for your products or services.

    Display Select

    Your ads will appear on relevant websites with the Google Display Network. Whether you sell your products locally or online, we can setup your ads to appear on applicable websites.

    Remarketing Ads

    Keep your business top-of-mind by showing your ads to people who have already visited your website. We’ve found that an effective remarketing campaign can decrease your cost per conversion nearly 50%!

    Display Network

    These graphic-based ads cover 90% of internet users as the ads can reach people as they’re browsing their favorite websites, watching videos on YouTube or even checking their Gmail account. We will even design and create your graphic ads for you!

    Click-to-Call Campaigns

    3 in 4 smartphone users turn to mobile search first. Would you rather people call your business than visit your website? With click-to-call campaigns, we will drive people to call your online or local business as opposed to optimizing for website visits.

    Google Shopping Ads

    If your business sells products online, Google Shopping Ads just might be the right fit for you. We can either audit your existing campaigns or setup a new Google Shopping Ads campaign for your business.

    Supporting Google Ads Platforms We Leverage to Generate Leads

    google ads logo
    yahoo and bing ads
    facebook advertising
    adroll remarketing ads
    twitter ads
    linkedin advertising

    What Our Google Ads Clients Have to Say

    • “Joel has been an amazing asset to my company as an internet marketing consultant. His knowledge of adwords is amazing. I’ve worked with several adwords advisors and he certainly ranks at the top of the list. He not only manages accounts but also teaches you.”

      ryan rodenbeck spyglass realty

      - Ryan Rodenbeck, Owner at Spyglass Realty and Investments

    • “Working with The Kaanen Group has been an excellent experience. Our AdWords campaigns have vastly improved and we saw results within just a couple months. Transparent and professional!”

      Emily Cash Pruvan in Austin, TX

      - Emily Cash, Marketing Director at Pruvan

    • “I have come to recognize Joel as delivering the best marketing ROI I have ever received for Landmark Wildlife. Thanks to him we have more than doubled our revenue year over year for the past 2 years and are very grateful for all of his hard work.”

      Keith Olenick Owner at Landmark Wildlife in Austin, TX

      - Keith Olenick, Owner at Landmark Wildlife Management

    Why Choose The Kaanen Group?

    We pride ourselves on being transparent, flexible, innovative and growth-focused.


    With The Kaanen Group you will never be surprised by the cost of our services – there are no hidden fees, and all costs are agreed upon before we start the project.


    Our timelines and focal points all depend on you and your business’ needs. If your needs change, no worries. There are no long-term contracts with The Kaanen Group.


    Not only are we consistently updating our methods to reflect industry changes and best practices, but we’re constantly applying conversion optimization tactics to your campaigns. Additionally, we will continuously A/B test your campaigns to continue to improve ROI.


    Of course, we’re focused on accomplishing your personal and business objectives. We will keep you updated on our progress and always work towards your business end-goals.

     Frequently Asked Questions

    How much should I expected to pay for Google Ads Consulting?

    Our prices vary on the services provided. For our Google Ads audit and Google Ads campaign setup we charge a set fee. Our Google Ads training services however, are charged by the hour.

    How involved do I need to be?

    It’s up to you! With our training services of course you and your team will need to be involved, whereas with our audits and campaign setups, you can be involved as much or as little as you would like. No need to worry though – we will run everything by you for feedback before we make any changes!

    Am I limited to certain amount of campaigns, ad groups, or keywords?

    Never! Every business is different, so the optimal amount of campaigns, ad groups and keywords will vary from client to client. We will work with you to determine the best course of action for your business and your goals.

    How often do you recommend we consult with one another?

    We prefer to consult on a monthly frequency, but we’re flexible. At a minimum, we should consult every three months.

    Do I get to own everything or do you keep everything hidden from me?

    You get 100% ownership. We’re here to work for your business, not the other way around. We value transparency, so we would never hide our work from you.

    Looking for Google Ads Consulting?

    Let’s discuss your business goals and how to accomplish them.