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    200% Increase in Phone Calls from Google Ads Campaign



Landmark Wildlife Management helps landowners throughout Texas protect and enhance their property with wildlife management services.  


The owner, Keith, had already created a Google Ads campaign but didn’t have the time to manage it and wasn’t 100% confident it was performing at its best. Even worse, wildlife exemptions only need to be made every five years, so when Keith reached, he desperately needed to generate new leads immediately. 


When I met with Keith, I noticed he had only one campaign with one ad group, and all of his keywords lived in that ad group. My first step was to break down his keywords into keyword groups around each of his services. Then, I removed the keywords he saw the most conversions from and put them into a new campaign. This allowed him to focus most of his budget on keywords likely to lead to a sale.

Keith’s ads pointed to his home page, which didn’t have a phone number, contact form, or any way of contacting him without digging around for his email address. Since 85% of people prefer to call over filling out a contact form, I added his number across the site. I also added a contact form to his Wildlife Management and Wildlife Exemption pages.

I wrote new ads emphasizing his expertise and experiences to build his credibility. I also turned on call ad extensions and asked people to call for a free consultation to drive more phone calls. 


Over just a few months, we were able to achieve the following business results:

  • Revenue Grew 100%
  • Phone Calls Increased 200%
  • Cost Per Lead Decreased 59%

I reduced his cost per click by 40%. After continually fine-tuning his campaign, I was able to lower costs significantly in months 4, 5, and 6.


His Click Through Rate increased by 78%. You can see from where I started how it quickly increased month after month.