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We like to call this the “listening phase” of our process. When you first sign on with The Kaanen Group you’ll be assigned a Search Marketing Consultant who will meet with you and your team to go over the ins and outs of your business. Success at this phase is finding out everything we can about your customers, your business, and your competitors.
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This is the goal setting part of our process. After our initial meeting your Search Marketing Consultant will work with you on prioritizing goals and figuring out how we’ll measure for success. Often times this will be determined by your competitors, your timeline, and your budget.
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Based on your company goals, your customer base, and your competitors your Search Marketing Consultant will draft a strategy that takes a long term approach to your success. The strategy acts as road map and will help make sure everyone’s on the same track.
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After a strategy has been decided on your Search Marketing Consultant will create actionable items for both your team and our team to implement. A timeline will be set for each phase and we’ll keep you updated on our status on a bi-weekly basis.
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Measuring’s an on-going process. While most search marketing can be ramped up pretty quickly it can easily take 3-6 months before seeing any signs of traction. A time during which we’ll be measuring, managing, and iterating on our initial ideas.